What is Movie4u

Movie4u is an old streaming website at the age of ten years but it was closed a long time ago due to some reasons and a few months ago we have decided to create it again, from scratches, with the target to make it one of the most popular streaming websites in less than a year. Movie4u used to be kind of popular at that time but now things have changed and people are oriented to other sites and completely forgot about ours. We are here with this little reminder so you can take a look on Movie4u and it might become your favorite streaming platform where you can watch all your favorite movies and series for free in HD quality.

How it started

Many years ago it started like any other small website without any big investments behind it. We are a group of online streaming enthusiasts who also used to watch a lot of movies and series on this kind of sites but at some point we decided to make our own because we know that we are able to offer a better quality streaming than everyone else and we know it is true and you can convince yourself by taking a look on Movie4u. At some point we didn't had anymore time to focus on this website and closed it but this year we are back with fresh strength and we are permanently working to improve Movie4u.

Biggest collection of movies and shows

Even if just a few months have passed since we recreated Movie4u, we already succeeded to gather under our roof almost 10.000 movies and 50.000 episodes from 2000 tv shows. It wasn't an easy work at all but we are a big team and our previous experience with this kind of sites helped us a lot, otherwise we wouldn't have succeeded. There are not many sites who can be proud of themselves with such a collection of movies and series and a few of them who did this, for sure needed years for this achievement. Also, don't forget to activate the English subtitles if you need them because after our latest update we added suitable subtitles for all the content.

Completely free website

Since years ago we started thinking that everybody from this world has the right to watch movies and series for free on the streaming platforms as long as they already pay for an internet subscription every month. That's why we started Movie4u as a free website and that's how it will remain forever. Even if we are working hard on this website and we are paying the maintenance costs from our own pocket, we will never ask our visitors for anything in return. If you share the site on your social media accounts then it's enough for us.

Movie4u is legal and safe

Some visitors asked us questions regarding the legality and safety of Movie4u. We want to inform you that we are not hosting any video files on our servers. All the movies and series available on Movie4u are provided by a non-affiliate third party who is hosting the files on its own risk. In the same time, Movie4u is a completely secure website that doesn't require any data from the visitors and you can access our website without worries.

Well structured content

Having a big database also requires good organization so the visitors can find the content very easy. You can use one of the two search forms from our website and also you can use tags like genres, years, country, network, actors, directors, guest stars and even more. There are also special pages where the content is sorted as Most Viewed, Top Rated, Favorite or Top IMDb that can help you with some inspiration when you don't know what to view.

No advertising

These days there are ads everywhere and the people are tired of being bothered by them so in the last month we decided to get rid of all the advertising from Movie4u so all our visitors can enjoy the best experience while watching movies and series on our website and you don't have to use an adblocker anymore.

New movies and series everday

The majority of the visitors are coming back everday on Movie4u because of our latest news section where we are publishing new content almost every hour. There are new releases permanently and we are working 24/7 to add the newest movies and episodes within a few minutes after they are released so check out our website to be the first one who watches the latest episodes.